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APSE Scotland Fleet, Waste and Grounds seminar 2022

Agrovista Amenity will be exhibiting at APSE Aviemore 2022 and look forward to meeting old and new customers alike. We will be displaying a range of products exclusively supplied in Scotland by Agrovista, these will include Vale winter maintenance equipment, Pellenc battery tools and the new Etesia ET Lander.

Vale winter equipment is manufactured in the UK and recognised as probably the best salt spreading equipment on the market. Vale twin auger salt spreaders are capable of applying wet or dry salt, sand or grit at various application rates with consistent reliability. Sizes range from 400 kg hopper capacity to 9,000 kg.

Pellenc is a range of Lithium battery maintenance tools capable of run times from 3 hours to 3 days depending on battery and tool combination. All tools and batteries are IP54 rated. Pellenc batteries have a 4 year commercial warranty and are 98% recyclable at end of life and tools have a 3 year commercial warranty and are up to 99% recyclable at end of life.

The ET Lander is a new vehicle to the UK market with two seats and a fully enclosed cabin and is available with either lithium or lead acid batteries.  Range will be up to approximately 140km on the lithium option with payload of 1 ton+ and a towing capacity of 750kg.  Build options include a three-way tipping with dual cab control and remote control, side panel extension for more loading volume, water tank options and a choice of tyres. 

Contact Allan Wright 07966 022517 for further information. 

image of et lander and agrovista flag