Evolution5 Fine

A range of dual phase, controlled release fertilisers for use on turf mown above 6mm.

Evolution5 contains a homogenous fast start NPK granule to give a quick response after application, blended with a controlled release granule utilising Polymer Sulphur Coated Urea (PSCU) technology to provide a steady growth for up to 5 months.

The PSCU core controls the release of nutrients in response to moisture and temperature, ensuring the turf is always supplied with the correct amount of nourishment when conditions are favourable for growth. This unique coating technology ensures steady nutrient release, thus avoiding sudden growth flushes after heavy rainfall or peaks of high temperature.

Evolution5 is formulated with a small granule size, giving over 7,500 granules for every square metre to ensure even coverage and growth response. The duration of nutrient release is determined by the thickness of coating so that longevity of 4 - 5 months can still be achieved by a single granule.

Evolution<sup>5</sup> 12.5.21

Evolution5 12.5.21

Evolution5 12.5.21 is a coated controlled release autumn and winter fertiliser for use on turf mown above 6mm.


Information Sheet for Evolution<sup>5</sup> 12.5.21

Evolution<sup>5</sup> 25-5-8

Evolution5 25-5-8

Evolution5 25-5-8 is a coated controlled release spring and summer fertiliser for use on turf mown above 6mm.


MSDS Evolution<sup>5</sup> 25-5-8 Information Sheet for Evolution<sup>5</sup> 25-5-8