Blaster Pro

A foliar applied herbicide for the control of perennial broad-leaved weeds including nettle, dock, bramble, broom and gorse in amenity grassland.

Blaster Pro can be used through hand-held spray equipment on amenity grassland such as golf course roughs, banks, verges, cemeteries and industrial areas.

Timing of application is crucial. For best results apply to actively growing weeds using a hand-held sprayer.

Key points:

  • Ideal for use on difficult to control weeds such nettles, docks and thistles in turf
  • Can be used on all established amenity grassland
  • Also controls some woody weeds


Contains:240g/l triclopyr and 60g/l clopyralid
Application Rate:60ml in 10 litres of water
Max Treatments Per Year:1

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

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182991 litre