Cabadex can be used for the safe and efficient control of difficult to kill weeds such as Yarrow and Daisy in both established and young turf.

Control is achieved using very low rates of active ingredients, making Cabadex the obvious choice for efficient and environmentally sensitive weed manangement.

Mode of action

Cabadex combines two active ingredients with different modes of action. Fluroxypyr is an auxinic herbicide that enters the plants via the leaves and disrupts normal growth functions. Florasulam however can enter via the roots as well as foliage, helping to ensure complete distribution throughout the plant.

Safe on young turf

The product can be used on newly sown turf from the two leaf stage for spring and summer sowings.A good coverage of grass should be present before application.


Contains:144g/L fluroxypyr methyl heptyl ester (100g/L acid equivalent) & 2.5g/L florasulam
Application Rate:2 L/ha
Pack Coverage:25,000m2
Water Rate:Minimum 200 L/ha
Max Treatments Per Year:1

Pack Information

CodePack Size
92705 litre