Designer Formal

Produces an attractive, fine, dense quality sward for use on non-ryegrass ornamental lawns and landscape areas.

The inclusion of rhizomatous grasses provides resistance and strength to the sward.

  • Quality lawns and landscape areas
  • Fine appearance
  • No ryegrass
  • Reduced mowing

Mixture information:

  • 25% Maritza chewings fescue
  • 20% Smirna slender creeping red fescue
  • 50% Heidrun strong creeping red fescue
  • 5%   Sefton browntop bent


Cutting Height:15 mm
Sowing Rate:30 - 50 g/m2

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
1269510 kg
1053320 kg
91012.5 kg

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