A contact and systemic turf fungicide which both cures and prevents disease in managed amenity turf at any time of the year.

Dualitas utilises two active ingredients with two different modes of action that simultaneously act as a barrier to spore germination, flowing through the leaves to provide translaminar protection, and penetrating the leaf blade to be transported systemically via the xylem vessels, to provide greater ongoing protection throughout the plant.

Key points:

• Contact and systemic turf fungicide

• Use all year round

• Long-lasting protection

• Control of key foliar and soil-borne turf disease

Dualitas can be applied to all turf areas including golf courses, commercial and residential lawns, sportsfields, parks, bowls greens, and cricket pitches. Dualitas has been proven to be rain-fast within 1 hour of application. Once the spray application has dried on the leaf surface, rainfall will not interfere with its ability to control disease, due to the combined contact and systemic properties of Dualitas.


Contains:200g/l tebuconazole 100g/l trifloxystrobin
Application Rate:1l/ha
Pack Coverage:2,500m2
Water Rate:400-500l/ha
Max Treatments Per Year:4
Disease Control:Anthracnose
Dollar Spot
Microdochium Patch
Red Thread
Mode of Action:Acropetal penetrant

Pack Information

CodePack Size
1610800.25 Litre