E2 PRO resilience

E2 PRO resilience is designed specifically to facilitate the rapid uptake of nitrogen, calcium and magnesium to strengthen and harden turf.

E2 PRO resilience also helps to relieve the stress caused by the rigours of play and has the flexibility to be used throughout the year on all turf surfaces.

The nitrate in E2 PRO resilience is immediately available as a nutrient and high mobility, ensures it quickly reaches and is taken up by plant roots, contributing to the formation of chlorophyll, amino acids and proteins in the turf.

Calcium and magnesium in E2 PRO resilience are also essential for many plant functions. Calcium helps to facilitate nitrate uptake, cell division and cell wall development. Magnesium is needed for photosynthesis, enzyme activation and sugar synthesis.

The negative ionic charge of nitrate in E2 PRO resilience acts to carry along the positive charged calcium and magnesium nutrients, ensuring all three components are absorbed rapidly and immediately available to the turf.

E2 PRO resilience has also been formulated to be adaptive to the requirements of the turf manager as it may be used alone or in approved tank mix combinations with other products.


Application Rate:10 - 40 L/Ha
Water Rate:300 - 450 L/Ha
Specific Gravity:1.46

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18001210 Litre
180013200 Litre