Ecoplug Max

Ecoplug Max is an effective tree stump treatment which kills the whole root system of targeted trees with no effect on surrounding areas.

Ecoplug can be used all year round to control a wide variety of tree species, including; Alder, Ash, Aspen, Beech, Birch, Cherry, Elm, Lime, Maple, Mountain Ash, Poplar, Oak, Rhododendron, Willow and more.

Key points:

  • 95-100% efficacy on treated stumps, preventing regrowth 
  • 100% selective with no effect on surrounding trees or vegetation
  • Reduces the interval between clearing by 50-100%
  • Contains glyphosate which degrades into natural compounds
  • Significantly reduces the risk to operators and the environment
  • Can be used all year round

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
100 x 300mg plugs

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