Evolution Micro 8-0-0

Evolution2 Micro 8.0.0 provides essential nitrogen for healthy growth. Works well at low soil temperatures, it assists early season growth and improves wear resistance. 

The Evolution2 range of micro granular, compound fertiliser are formulated specifically for use on fine turf areas such as golf greens, bowls greens, cricket squares, grass tennis courts and ornamental lawns.

Evolution2 Micro has a wide range of analyses, each giving precise control of nutrient input throughout the year. The micro granules (0.5 - 1.7mm) provide even and consistent coverage, along with a rapid turf response.

Apply evenly, avoiding overlapped or missed areas, using a suitable, correctly calibrated spreader, irrigate the treated area thoroughly  if no rain falls during the first 24 hours after application.


Analysis:8.0.0 + 3MgO + 3Fe
Application Rate:30-35g/m2
Pack Coverage:572 - 667m2
Bags/Ha:15 - 18

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954820 kg

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