Evolution Xtra 10-10-10

This long lasting fertiliser, with a balanced range of macro nutrients is suitable for all coarse mown turf areas requiring efficient use of nitrogen and longevity between applications.

Evolution Xtra products contain fertiliser in a form not immediately available to grass. Inhibitors slow the conversion of nutrients by physical and chemical means or by the action of microorganisms. In essence, nitrogen slowly breaks down in the soil to become available to the turf. The process is temperature dependent, as is grass growth, so the release of nitrogen always satisfies the needs of the sward.

Significant environmental benefits result from this mechanism of release, as nutrients are less likely to be lost by leaching from irrigation and rainfall, or by soil fixation and volatilisation. This is particularly apparent when compared to the use of conventional fast release fertiliser products, where solubilised forms of nutrient unused by the grass can easily be leached away.


Application Rate:20 - 35 g/m2
Pack Coverage:571 - 1000 m2
Bags/Ha:10 - 18
Product Longevity:2 - 3 Months

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