Fish, blood and bone

Thomas Elliot Fish Blood and Bone is a traditional, organic-based general purpose plant food that provides the three major nutrients required for strong, healthy growth.

Nitrogen encourages growth and rich green foliage, whilst phosphate promotes vigorous root development. The potash content helps improve flower colour and the ripening of fruit and vegetables.

Fish Blood and Bone is suitable for use on most types of flowers and is ideal for feeding fruit and vegetables. Fish, Blood and Bone provides both a rapid boost and long-lasting results - a single application lasts for up to 6 weeks.

Application information

  • Before planting or sowing.
  • Ensure the area is free from weeds and the soil is moist.
  • Sprinkle granules at a rate of 70g per square metre
  • Fork in well and water thoroughly if the soil is dry

Feeding established plants

  • Ensure the area is free from weeds and the soil is moist
  • Spring & Summer - sprinkle at a rate of 70 g per square metre avoiding contact with plants
  • Fork in well and water thoroughly if the soil is dry
  • Repeat every 6 weeks

Note: Keep off plant leaves and stems.


Application Rate:70g per m2
Pack Coverage:357m2

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
F18225 kg