FP 01 Fungicide package

FP1 combines the fungicides Heritage and Dualitas with Harpin based E2 Pro Elicitor.

Dualitas contains a DMI systemic fungicide tebuconazole, and trifloxystrobin, a strobulurin, uniquely partnered with Heritage, azoxystrobin, also a strobulurin, but with acropetal systemic activity (having movement beyond the point of uptake),providing multi-site mode of activity for curative and preventative application.The addition of Harpin in E2 Pro Elicitor triggers defence responses leading to a reduction in abiotic stress.



Contains: 1 x 100g Heritage
4 x 250ml Dualitas
1 x 1Litre E2 Pro Elicitor
Application Rate:100g/ha Heritage
1l/ha Dualitas
1l/ha E2 Pro Elicitor
Pack Coverage:1 hectares
Water Rate:400 L/ha
Product Controls:Fusarium Patch

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
MP11 hectare