Greentec 6.0.18

Greentec Conventional 6.0.18 provides an excellent, rapid turf response, even at low soil temperatures due the use of ammonium and nitrate nitrogen in the formulation.

Both nitrogen forms are immediately available for plant uptake, without the need for prior conversion by soil microbes, providing a rapid response.

Many of the soil analyses conducted by Headland Amenity indicate high background levels of iron, but low sulphur, particularly after the autumn / winter period, when sulphur has been lost from the root zone by leaching. The analysis of Greentec 6.0.18 is tailored to meet this specific requirement, with its non iron formulation.

Along with the immediately available potash from potassium nitrate, the product also utilises an organic potash source to lengthen the availability of this nutrient and reduce the potential for loss by leaching. The potassium is released as the formulation is broken dow by microbial activity over 6 to 8 weeks. 

Key points:

  • Ideal for use as a spring starter
  • Ammonium and nitrate nitrogen for good low temperature response
  • Immediately available organic, slow release potassium content
  • Ideal for use where soil iron levels are high


Analysis:6.0.18 + 3 MgO
Application Rate:25 - 35g/m2
Pack Coverage:714 - 1,000m2

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