Hazard posts plain

PVC self colours Hazard post are available with the option of a steel spike or a post socket.

The PVC posts are available in a choice of colours and sizes.

The choices available are as follows:

  • 32mm Yellow
  • 32mm Red
  • 32mm White
  • 50mm White
  • 50mm Green

The hazard post are available with spikes on all sizes and socket for the 32mm diameter range. A socket hammer is also available separately.


Manufacturer:FMW Distinct

Pack Information

CodePack Size
PH-P32-WEach (32mm White)
PH-P32-YEach (32mm Yellow)
PH-P32-REach (32mm Red)
PH-P32-WSEach (32mm White+Spike)
PH-P32-YSEach (32mm Yellow+Spike)
PH-P32-RSEach (32mm Red+Spike)
PH-P50-WEach (50mm White)
PH-P50-WSEach (50mm White+Spike)
PH-P50-GEach (50mm Green)
PH-P50-GSEach (50mm Green+Spike)
PH-PS-HEach (Socket Hammer)
PH-PSEach (32mm Socket)