Heritage Maxx

Heritage Maxx is a high performance systemic strobilurin fungicide.

The unique root uptake of Heritage Maxx ensures maximum uptake and use by the plant. Any Heritage Maxx spray which lands on the thatch within the turf sward and is washed down into the root zone can be readily taken up by the roots and systemically translocated up through the plant. This provides enhanced long-term disease control on new leaf growth.

With Heritage Maxx, more of the active ingredient is captured and fully utilised by the plant, with less risk of environmental loss into the soil.

Key points

  • Quick and efficient uptake by leaf and root to move the active ingredient to the point of infection.
  • Seven foliar and soil diseases on the label
  • Active ingredient recycling prolongs the period of activity
  • No LERAP restrictions


Contains:95 g/L azoxystrobin
Application Rate:2.5 L/ha
Pack Coverage:1.2 hectare
Water Rate:300 - 1000 L/ha
Product Activity:Systemic
Product Type:Curative & Preventative
Product Controls:Fusarium
Brown Patch
Leaf Spot
Fairy Rings
Max Treatments Per Year:4

Product Usage Calendar

*Main Usage Period*Extended Usage Period

Pack Information

CodePack Size
109403 litre