J 4Turf

J 4Turf grass seed for use on winter sports pitches, racecourses, high wear turf and in pre winter overseeing programs. 

4turf tetraploid ryegrass ensures rapid establishment even under low soil temperatures (3-10oC) 4Turf also offers exceptional disease resistance and is an ideal choice for autumn overseeing programs 


  • 25% Fabian 4Turf tetraploid perennial ryegrass
  • 25% Double 4Turf tetraploid perennial ryegrass
  • 25% Berloiz 1 perennial ryegrass
  • 25% Columbine perennial ryegrass



Sowing rate:35-75 g/m2
Oversowing:10-50 g/m2
Mowing height:Down to 12mm

Product Usage Calendar

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