Manifol Excel

Manifol Excel is a concentrated product for the treatment of manganese deficiency.

Soils with low levels of plant available manganese are especially vulnerable to Take-all infection. Indeed, the pathogen can convert available manganese to forms that are unavailable for plant uptake, to enhance the severity of infection.

As the soil pH of the soil increases, the requirement for manganese increases. With less availability, there is a requirement for a higher level of input to overcome deficiency.

Avoid the use of products that can raise soil pH, such as potassium nitrate and calcium based fertilisers. Apply acidifying ammonium sulphate and/or sulphur coated fertiliser products. A lower pH will improve the availability of magnesium in the soil.

Key points:

  • Aids the synthesis of chlorophyll
  • Activation of enzymes
  • Nitrate assimilation
  • Involved in transportation in the photosynthetic process
  • Vital to plant defence mechanisms
  • Utilised for the production of chemicals that act to defend the plant against soil borne infections
  • Strengthens plant roots


Analysis:27% equivalent of 500 g/L Manganese
Application Rate:1 L/ha
Pack Coverage:5 hectares

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141475 litre