Marathon Golf Autumn

Marathon Golf has a patented organic complex base that provides the extended release characteristics needed to give steady growth without dramatically increasing clipping yields.

This organic fraction slowly feeds the plant whilst encouraging soil life to flourish and increase the recycling of nutrients already in the rootzone, which helps give optimum results.

Because Marathon Golf does not force top growth, the turf is more upright in stature, which gives a cleaner cut and up to 35% less clippings.

Marathon Golf has a very low scorch index, so is safe even if irrigation is not applied directly after application.

Key Points:

  • Low nitrogen, high potash fertiliser
  • Provides a good autumn nutrient balance
  • Extended nutrient release avoids soft growth whilst gently feeding the roots
  • Encourages upright growth for a cleaner cut
  • Higher potash content boosts levels in the soil that are often deficient  after the long summer growth period


Analysis:5.0.27 + 2MgO + 1Fe
Application Rate:25 - 35g/m2
Pack Coverage:571 - 800m2
Bags/Ha:13 -18

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CodePack Size
1118120 kg

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