Marathon Horti K

Marathon Horti K is a patented blend of mineral and organic fertilisers for shrubs, hanging baskets, bedding and potted plants that releases nutrients for up to 4 months, producing strong and sturdy plants.

Conifers and flowering plants will form compact shapes that are decorative with strong lateral growth.

The organic component in Horti K ensures the minerals from the fertiliser are bound properly by the soil, guaranteeing an active soil life, speeding up breakdown of the dead residues.

Horti K releases the correct NPK ratios to allow the compact and steady growth that provides abundant flowering over a long period of time.

Key points:

  • 3-4 month longevity
  • Produces compact bushes and plants
  • Abundant flowering
  • Healthy soil life
  • No leaching in groundwater


App Rate (Pots & Baskets):2 - 3 g/L
App Rate (Potting Soil, Trees & Bushes):20 - 30g/m2
App Rate (Flowerbeds):25 - 35g/m2

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