Multigreen 526 15.0.22

Multigreen 526 is for use on coarse turf areas maintained at 10mm or above. The product is ideal for use on golf tees, fairways and winter season pitches.

Fertilising coarse turf can be an expensive operation in terms of both material cost and labour. Multigreen 526 fertilisers provide cost-effective fertilising in a single application, lasting a whole season.

The release of nutrients from Multigreen is solely controlled by soil temperature. The lower the temperature the longer the release. Multigreen 526 products last between 5 to 6 months un the UK and Irish climate, with applications made in April lasting right through until September.

Key points:

  • Season long fertilisation from one application 
  • Field longevity of 5 to 6 months
  • Cool temperature 'fast start' portion for quick response at low temperatures
  • Temperature only release mechanism
  • Consistent release patterns means consistent growth with minimal flushes
  • Environmentally friendly, leach resistant technology


Analysis:15.0.22 + 2MgO
Application Rate:25 - 35g/m2
Bags/Ha:10 - 14

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937125 kg




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