Multigreen 627 30.5.14

Multigreen is a polymer resin coated, controlled release fertiliser that provides a consistent release of nutrients for up to 6 - 7 months, governed by soil temperature alone.

After application, the Multigreen prill takes up moisture over a 7 - 10 day period. A small portion of the nitrogen is uncoated for initial release. Nutrients are released as soon as the soil temperature rises above 6 degrees. Release carries on through the growing season according to the soil temperature only - if it drops, so does the release rate. At the end of the products release period, the nutrients are exhausted and the granule degrades.

For coarse turf areas maintained at 10mm or above e.g. golf tees, fairways and winter season pitches.


Application Rate:30 - 50g/m2
Pack Coverage:500 - 714m2
Bags/Ha:14 - 20
Longevity:6 - 7 months
Cutting height:Above 10mm

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F15325 kg




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