PM 27 Ecosward Plus

Masterline Pro Master 27 Ecosward plus is a low maintenance landscape mix with clover including Tetraploid perennial ryegrass.

Pro Master 27 Ecosward mixtures have been developed to reduce input costs and be kind to the environment by eliminating the need for excessive fertiliser, water and herbicide. Adding new microclover to the mixture naturally fixes nitrogen for the grasses while significantly increasing drought tolerance and disease resistance. This mixture produces a visually attractive, dark green, hard wearing turf. Especially suitable for reinforced paving systems.


  • 50% Double 4Turf Tetaploid perennial ryegrass
  • 35% Sergei strong creeping red fescue
  • 10% Calliope chewings fescue
  •   5% microclover


Sowing Rate:25g/m2
Mowiing Height:13-25mm
Seed Treatment:GroMax

Pack Information

CodePack Size
1087320 kg