PM 29 All Season

Masterline Pro Master 29 All Season is a drought tolerant tall fescue seed mixture.

Pro Master 29 All Season takes advantage of the significant advances DLF have made in the breeding of turf type tall fescues with regard to fineness of leaf and shoot density, providing an attractive, hard wearing, low maintenance alternative to ryegrass mixtures. Tall fescue has roots which will penetrate the root zone to depths of over 1 metre, the mix will cope with extremes of heat, drought, and occasional waterlogging.


  • 25% Debussy tall fescue
  • 75% Granditte tall fescue


Sowing Rate:25-35g/m2
Mowing Height:Down to 10mm
Seed treatment :GroMax

Pack Information

CodePack Size
B53220 kg