PM 95 Land Reclamation

Masterline Pro Master 95 Land Reclamation is a mixture suitable for land fill, quarry sites and spoil heaps.

Pro Master 95 Land Reclamation cultivars chosen represent the best that are commercially available. The perennial reyegrass will establish quickly and act as a nurse crop whilst the broad range of adaptable low maintenance species provide excellent tolerance to environmental stresses.


  • 30% Double 4Turf tetraploid perennial ryegrass
  • 25% Samanta slender creeping red fescue
  • 20% Dumas hard fescue
  • 10% Crested Dogstail
  • 10% Highland browntop bent
  • 2.5% Small leaved white clover
  • 2.5% Birdsfoot trefoil


Sowing Rate:10-25g/m2
Mowing Height:Versatile, light grazing or mow as required down to 75mm

Pack Information

CodePack Size
B54020 kg