Reguflow is a simple, lightweight, perforated layflat irrigation hose that works under a low operating pressure from a water main or low pressure pumped system.

Reguflow eliminates the need for expensive and complicated irrigation systems, yet it provides a fine, uniform irrigation pattern. Reguflow utilises laser technology to produce very small, accurately sized perforations that are evenly spaced along the length of hose.

When the water is turned on the hose will slowly inflate and an even water pressure will exist throughout the entire length being used. The emerging jets of water have the same velocity at any part of the hose, which gives uniform watering throughout.

Key points:

  • Easy to use 
  • Cost effective irrigation system
  • Works under low water pressure
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Uniform irrigation


Hose:Can be cut to fit requirements
Coverage:Up to 500m2
Water App Rate:Equivalent to 4mm of rain per hour

Product Gallery

1/3 - Attach hose with geka connections and jubilee clips
2/3 - Blank off one end.
3/3 - Lay out hose and begin irrigation.

Pack Information

CodePack Size
8554100 metre
1318730 metre
Reguflow100100m + half inch fittings
Reguflow30m + half inch fittings

Information Sheet