A surface biocide for use against moulds, fungi and algae on external hard surfaces.

Safor is a blend of organic acids and surfactants that provides a safe and easy solution to hard surface management.

Key Points:

  • Cleans and removes algae, slimes and lichens
  • Liverworts deterred
  • Reduces the risk of slippery surfaces
  • Better health and safety by reducing accidents
  • Easy and economical to use 

Algae and lichens colonise areas such as buildings, roofs, path and walkways. They are unsightly, damaging surfaces and can create slippery areas.

Safor works by killing the chloroplasts with biocides, which prevent photosynthesis and the living plant tissue dies. Safor has a very rapid effect - results usually occur within 48 hours. It is strong and long lasting, and it’s efficient cleaning action visually brightens surfaces

Safor contains urea, hydrochloride & benzakonium chloride, it has label recommendations for concrete, asphalt, tarmac, block paving and artificial sports surfaces


Contains:Urea, hydrochloride, benzakonium chloride
App Rate (Normal):5 L per 1000m2 in 50 L water
App Rate (High):5 L per 500m2 in 50 L water

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111895 litre

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