SP130 compact snow plough

A heavy duty snowplough designed to be used with compact tractors, this snowplough is capable of bulldozing in the central position as well as to the left or right.

Supplied as standard with a basic mounting bracket which requires the end user to fit to the tractors front weight bracket or chassis. The snowplough is fitted with a break-back system, an important feature to reduce damage to the snowplough/tractor or driver.


  • 1.3m wide steel snowplough body with curved top deflector
  • Break-back springs to minimise damage
  • Large abrasion resistant wearing edge which can be refitted multiple times
  • Manual angling with three positions - bulldoze, snow to the left or right
  • Hydraulic raise and lower via the tractor hydraulic system
  • Heavy duty design with double pivoting lift arms
  • Supplied with basic mounting bracket requiring end user fitment
  • Quick release hydraulic connection
  • Quick release pins
  • Height adjustable skids


  • Full mounting brackets for some models of compact tractor
  • Cover plate for the front mounting bracket

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