StimZyne Plus

An exclusive hydrocarbon encapsulator and plant growth promoter, StimZyne Plus joins the category of biostimulants designed to have a positive effect on plant health in support of normal maintenance and fertiliser programs.

On poorer soils and areas prone to pest attack, StimZyne Plus is the preferred option as it contains a much higher percentage of hydrocarbon encapsulator.

The unique hydrocarbon encapsulator helps to neutralise harmful gases in the soil and release beneficial nutrients making them more available to the plant.

The unique natural properties of StimZyne Plus, supports the microbial population of the soil, imparting efficient nutrient uptake and strengthening grass against pests and disease.This will increase the plant’s ability to survive attacks from root feeding pests.

Key Points

  • Can be applied to all amenity turf
  • Approved for use on all soil types  Promotes microbial activity
  • Strengthens grass against pests and disease
  • 100% natural
  • Rapid breakdown
  • Biodegradable in approximately 21days



 StimZyne Plus should be applied to moist soil during cool conditions using a medium or coarse nozzle. Application when rain is expected or when irrigation can be applied will assist delivery of the product to the plant rootzone. Note that where Nemaflo is used it should be thoroughly mixed with half of the water, under constant agitation, before adding StimZyne Plus. Top up the spray tank with the remaining water before application. Take care to avoid over application of the StimZyne Plus, which may cause some slight yellowing of the turf and reduce its effectiveness.


Application Rate:2.5 - 5 L/Ha
Water Rate:400 - 1000 L/Ha

Pack Information

CodePack Size
1748005 Litre