Stor-it is a mineral soil improver that is based on activated clinoptilolite. This porous volcanic clay is charged with easily exchangeable cat-ions, like the clay humus complex and increases the CEC in the soil. Furthermore it absorbs up to 50 % of its own weight in water. Stor-it makes your greens perform better by managing water availability.  

Even water distribution through the root zone

The porous structure of Stor-it ensures that water is moved through capillary tension. When water tension is high, excess moisture is taken up by the pores of the product, evacuating surrounding larger soil pores and giving space for air movement.  In sandy soils Stor-it acts by conserving water instead of allowing it to drain away.  In both cases a better balance between air and moisture will result in significant improvements in turf health and vitality.

Drier and faster greens surface

When applied regularly, the turf surface gets tougher and granules that have not been worked into the cores will remain on the surface and rapidly absorb any superficial moisture, drying the surface much faster that under normal circumstances.  

Increased nutrient availability

Once applied to the soil the nutrients in the zeolite will be used by the turf and subsequently replaced by other nutrients that are available in the soil solute. These nutrients may come from fertilizer applications or from unlocking nutrients such as phosphates from calcium. On high pH soils such benefits can be quite substantial.

Regulation of excess salts

The mechanism of an activated zeolite is that it binds and releases cat-ions, balancing their availability in the soil.  As a plant takes up nutrients, the chemical balance in the soil becomes altered causing nutrients held in the buffer to move back into the soil where they will be available for root uptake.  Increasing the buffer complex by the use of Stor-it will also make it possible to absorb excess salts from the soil, allowing other nutrients to take their place in the soil solute. This applies to all positively charged nutrients such as heavy metals, sodium, calcium or even ammonium.  In excess, these salts will all disturb the balance of soil nutrients and adversely affect healthy plant growth.

 Key Points

  • Even water distribution through rootzone
  • Drier and faster greens surface
  • Increased nutrient availability



Application rate (construction):Amendment to contruction mix apply at 10% mix.
Application rate (coring):Coring apply at 25% w/w. Add to sand or dressing.

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