Tiger 90CR

Tiger is a granular sulphur fertiliser made up of thousands of tiny particles per pastille.

Sulphur in the form of sulphate is an essential plant nutrient. Tiger can be used to address sulphur deficiences, as is often the situation when sand is the major construction material. Excessively high pH values will also reduce the availability of macro-nutrients such as copper, manganese and zinc.

Soil Acidity and Worm Cast Activity

In severe cases casting effects sward and playing quality, often leading to increases in maintenance inputs and chemical control will be essential.

As Tiger is broken down and sulphuric acid is produced the soil will become more acidic. A reduction in soil pH will typically result in less worm casting activity. Poa annua is also less competitive at lower pH levels.

Key points:

  • Tiger can be used to help lower soil pH and this in turn can help to improve soil nutrient availability.
  • Increased nitrogen utilisation, phosphate and micronutrient uptake
  • Lower soil pH
  • Small particles are converted for early plant availability
  • Resists leaching until converted to sulphate form


Application Rate:10 g/m2

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1/1 - Each Tiger 90CR pastille is made of thousands of tiny particles.

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