Tricure AD Pellets

Tricure AD is a unique turf wetting agent, formulated to prevent and cure soil hydrophobicity, and allow even water penetration into dry and compacted areas.

Tricure contains three different surfactant chemistries that treat all types of rootzone types, such as soil and sand, as well as organic matter, including peat and thatch.

Key Points

  • Prevents and cures hydrophobic conditions and dry patch
  • Treats all rootzone particles including peat and thatch
  • Shows improved soil surface dry-down characteristics
  • Reduces irrigation needed to maintain healthy turf
  • Is safe to apply - no need for additional irrigation to prevent scorch

A fast, safe and convenient method of applying Tricure wetter through a hose end applicator. The pellets are designed to dissolve quickly in order to provide an accurate dose - sufficient to effectivelt treat and prevent hydrophobic soils.


Application Rate:Variable
Water Rate:Variable
Type:Wetting Agent

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
81171 pack (3 pellets)