TT 4Turf Tees

TT 4Turf Tees is a quick to establish and hard wearing tees mixture.

This mix contains 4Turf tetraploid ryegrass which is quick to establish and very hard wearing. The high percentage of creeping species for increased shoot density. 


  • 30% FABIAN 4Turf tetraploid perennial ryegrass
  • 25% DICKENS perennial ryegrass
  • 25% CHARDAIN perennial ryegrass
  • 20% SERGEI strong creeping red fescue


Manufacturer:DLF Trifolium
Mow:Down to 10mm
Sow:25 - 50g/m2
Oversow:15 - 25g/m2
Sowing Depth:4 - 6mm

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tt4tt20 kg