Turf Shield Pro

Turf Shield Pro is a concentrated liquid fertiliser based on garlic extract produced by cell-burst technology

Allicin contained in the garlic extract, co-formulated with sulphur and aromatic aldehyde, acts as a naturally-based plant health promoter that helps to boost the plant's ability to defend itself against pest attack. Turf Shield Pro is a natural soil amendment product, which helps to promote root development and overall plant health.

Turf Shield Pro is not a pesticide and has no known pesticide activity, the strong odour associated with Turf Shield Pro means treated areas become less attractive to organisms in soil such as earthworms, leatherjackets and nematodes.


  • Promotes an uninviting environment to pests
  • Helps prevent root damage caused by pests
  • Reduces risk of disease
  • Increases vigour and plant health



Application Rate:3 - 5 l/ha
Water Rate:200 - 500 l/ha

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1511645 Litre