Xtend 22.2.8

A slow release NPK fertiliser with added magnesium for use during the spring and summer months. 

Xtend is a range of slow release granular fertilisers, designedfor cost-effective use on golf tees, approaches, fairways, sportspitches, racecourses and general amenity turf. Each urea prill in Xtend contains two components to enhance the release of nitrogen:

NBPT – Prevents loss of ammonianitrogen to the atmosphere by volatilisation, so more nitrogen is available in the soil.

DCD – Slows down the conversion of ammonium to nitrate in the soil, maintaining the nitrogen in ammonium form. Ammonium nitrogen is held more efficiently in the soil because it binds to clay and organic matter.

  • Unique slow release nitrogen, feeds for up to 3 months
  • Granular, soluble or liquid formulations for extra flexibility
  • Suitable for all coarse turf areas
  • Efficient use of nitrogen as loss to the atmosphere is limited
  • Soluble slow release granules mean no pick-up
  • Safer for turf on areas without irrigation
  • Suitable for all coarse turf areas


Analysis:22.2.8 + MgO
Application Rate:20 - 35g/m2
Pack Coverage:714 - 1,250m2
Bags/Ha:8 - 14

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936825 kg




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