Xtend Liquid 34.0.0

Xtend Liquid High-N 34.0.0 features an improved formulation with a higher specific analysis, making applications even more cost-effective.

Utilising ammonium and nitrate nitrogen in addition to Hydrexx stabilised urea, 50% of the total N applied is cool-temperature available, with the remaining 50% present in slow release form. This makes Xtend Liquid Hi-N 34.0.0 ideal for use as a spring starter on outfield areas in combination with Elevate Fe or Soluble Iron.


Application Rate:20 - 60 L/ha
Water Rate:200 - 400 L/ha
Product Longevity:2 - 3 months

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
157951000 litre
10451200 litre