Xtend Soluble 46.0.0

Xtend 46.0.0 Soluble contains Hydrexx (a water-soluble powder containing NBPT and DCD) in combination with micro-prilled urea to form a stabilized nitrogen, slow release fertiliser for use on golf course tees, approaches, surrounds, fairways and semi-rough.

In addition, Xtend 46.0.0 Soluble is ideally suited for use on sports pitches, race tracks and polo fields.

Spray applied for maximum flexibility

The micro-prilled urea in Xtend Soluble 46.0.0 offers excellent solubility and combined with Hydrexx forms a unique water-soluble, slow release fertiliser that can be easily spray applied. Low application rate and safe to apply Xtend Soluble 46.0.0 is suitable for application from 20kg up to 40kg per hectare and is safe to use at low water volumes even in the height of summer.

Applications made to fairway and sports pitch areas are typically applied in 300 litres of water per hectare.

Cost-effective fertilisation for outfield turf

Xtend Soluble 46.0.0 is an ideal solution for keeping budgets in check and, typically, applications made at 30kg of product per hectare are a quarter of the cost of using a 9.7.7 granular fertiliser, with more longevity, better turf safety and no fuel and manpower consuming flush of growth.

Key points:

  • 100% stabilised nitrogen 
  • Micro-prilled formulation for rapid solubility
  • Low application rate
  • Cost-effective
  • Increased nitrogen efficiency with enhanced safety and reduced leaching


Formulation:Soluble Granule
Application Rate:20-40kg/ha
Pack Coverage:0.5 - 1 hectare

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
F16120 kg