Agrovista Amenity Workwear and PPE Catalogue 2023

Technical guide HELLY TECH® is the waterproof and breathable outer layer between you and the elements. The unique membrane stops water molecules going in, but lets the moisture molecules escape. Keeping you dry from the outside and comfortable on the inside. There are numerous layers of HELLY TECH® Fabrics, the main differentiator is the number of layers the fabric is built from. Extremely waterproof and breathable design and constructions. For extremely wet or long-lasting activities in harsh conditions. Highly waterproof and extra breathable sport specific design and constructions. For a wide range of high performance outdoor activities during unpredictable and challenging weather. Little parts, big difference. High quality zippers for all purposes, YKK® is a Japanese company, and the industry leader for quality and innovative zippers and closures. BLUESIGN® provides an holistic solution for safe and environmentally friendly textile production. Working at each step of the supply chain to ensure that products meet rigorous benchmarks focusing on people, environment, and resources. The world’s best down alternative. PRIMALOFT® is a synthetic insulation technology offering superior thermal properties with excellent water repellences. Made up of ultra-fine fibres that form air pockets to trap heat inside whilst offering super softness. Developed in cooperation with PRIMALOFT®. LIFALOFT™ is a combination of LIFA®’s unique insulation structure and PRIMALOFT®’s extensive knowledge in synthetic insulation, providing a lighter and still warmer than standard insulation. The BOA® Fit System enables faster, more powerful directional changes through equipment and body, while giving power without compromising the precision. Go further with endurance and your health to help improve circulation and efficiency. Engineered with high quality, durable materials, and vigorous testing the BOA® Fit System is guaranteed to perform in any environment. Since 1854, AMANN has been one of the leading international manufacturers of high-quality sewing threads, embroidery threads and smart yarns. Protection against the cold The standard specifies test methods and requirements in protective clothing ensembles which are intended to protect against cold (air temperature below -5°C). The standard is taking into account not only low air temperatures but also humidity and air velocity. Helly Hansen has tested its products according to method B, which means that the thermal insulation has been measured for a garment ensemble (jacket + pant or coveralls) with a base layer. The value is representing protection for a wearer performing light or moderate activity. The protection can only be guaranteed if the complete ensemble is worn. Value 1 = Thermal insulation value of the ensemble (with underwear b), icler Value 2 = Air permeability, class 1 – 3 (class 3 is the most permeable) Value 3 = Water penetration (optional), WP Protection against the rain The standard specifies requirements and test methods for the performance of materials, seams, and ready-made garments for protection against rain, snowflakes, fog and ground humidity. Resistance to water penetration and water vapour resistance is tested. Value 1 = Resistance to water penetration, class 1 - 4 (class 4 is the best waterproofness). Value 2 = Water vapour resistance, class 1 – 4 (class 4 is the highest permeability). Value 3 = Rain tower test (optional test of readymade garment). Helly Hansen technical guide CE markings EN343: 2019 EN342: 2017