Agrovista Amenity Workwear and PPE Catalogue 2023

3 Preparing and managing sports surfaces, landscapes and green spaces that require working in an array of weather conditions. We have utilised over 20 years experience of procuring and advising workwear and PPE to select quality, purpose designed attire to keep professionals protected and productive, whatever the weather or task they are undertaking. Our extensive experience working with grounds managers, golf course managers, landscapers and contractors means we understand the footwear, waterproofs and workwear which will provide comfort, quality and longevity for challenging, high intensity outdoor work requirements. Working with leading workwear brands including Helly Hansen®, Regatta® and Craghopper, our range includes selections to suit different budgets and requirements. We understand our customer’s seasonal workwear requirements and team presentation needs and have experience of kitting teams out for global broadcast events, where professionals can be under the highest media scrutiny. Our BASIS trained commercial and technical teams have selected the PPE required for tasks which may involve noise, vibration and/or application of hazardous or professional pesticide products. We’re proud to work with reputable suppliers and select products where ethical and sustainable values are core, and where the protection of our planet and people are considered. Contents T-Shirts and polo shirts 4-5 Softshell vests 6 Jackets 7-11 Trousers and shorts 12-14 Size guide 15 Footwear 16-17 Face and ear protectors 18-20 Sunscreen 20 Protective coveralls 21 Gloves 22-23 Need to brand your workwear? Our amenity team have extensive experience working with fabrics and garment technologies within our workwear range. Working with our carefully selected branding partner, we can provide quality, customised logo solutions for your workwear and teams efficiently.. Contact your amenity specialist or call 01952 897910 for more information. Dan Hughes Head of Commercial - Agrovista Amenity Embroidery and logo service