Agrovista Amenity Partners with Perennial

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Agrovista Amenity is thrilled to announce its partnership with Perennial, the UK's only charity dedicated to supporting those who work with grass, trees, flowers, or plants.

This collaboration aligns perfectly with Mental Health Awareness Week, running from Monday, 13 May to Sunday, 19 May, underlining the importance of mental health support within the sector.

Commenting on the partnership, Perennial’s Corporate Partnership Manager, Phil Swainston, said: "We're thrilled to have Agrovista onboard as a Perennial Partner. Their continued support for the amenity sector, as showcased in their fantastic #ForOurSports campaign, is truly inspiring. Their proactive and dedicated approach to customer support deeply resonates with us at Perennial. Together, we look forward to making a significant impact in the industry.”

Perennial is the UK's sole charity supporting all those working in the horticultural community, as well as those who have retired, who dedicate their passion, time, and energy to keeping Britain beautiful. Established 185 years ago,

Perennial provides a lifeline to individuals and families in horticulture facing a wide range of challenges. The ultimate aim is for everyone to know that Perennial is there for them. That not only is there free, tailored one-to-one confidential support on hand when needed, but that everyone can access the free advice and information available 24/7 online, covering topics such as physical and mental health issues, bereavement, relationship breakdowns, career progression, as well as impartial money management. By offering the right information and support at the time it is needed, the charity aims to help build better lives for all those within the horticultural industry.

Agrovista Amenity’s #ForOurSports campaign symbolises the company’s commitment to standing by its customers every step of the way, while also celebrating the dedication of individuals in the amenity sector. Over the past two years, the campaign has flourished through various initiatives, including branded vehicles, community events, industry award sponsorships, and support for local charities.

Jodie Champion, Head of Marketing for Agrovista, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "Through the #ForOurSports campaign, we aim to demonstrate our support for our customers and our determination to tackle future challenges alongside them."

This partnership is not just about financial contributions. Agrovista Amenity is also committed to raising awareness about Perennial's free and confidential helpline. With the company's extensive marketing reach and local amenity teams, customers can be informed that help is readily available should they ever need it.

"We are inspired by the remarkable work that Perennial does to support the industry,” continued Jodie. “By joining forces with them, we hope to highlight that there is compassionate assistance available for those who need it."

This collaboration between Agrovista Amenity and Perennial highlights a shared commitment to the well-being of professionals in the amenity sector, ensuring that support and resources are accessible when needed most. With Mental Health Awareness Week emphasising the importance of mental well-being, this partnership comes at a crucial time, reinforcing the message that help and support are always available for those who need it.

If you are in need of support, please visit or call the Perennial helpline on 0800 093 8543.


Agrovista Amenity Partners with Perennial