CS1 Festival

CS1 Festival (formerly Jour De Fete) is a tall growing wildflower mixture, it is ideal for use in dry areas, where a lack of water will only tend to limit the growth height.

This rich mixture contains some of Teziers new varieties, such as Sunbow Zinnia, which provides several waves of flowers, whereas the more classic varieties of Zinnia only flower once.

CS1 Festival offers good cover and a source of nectar for insects and wildlife. It is an appropriate mixture for dry land, since a lack of water will only limit growth height. 


  • Cornflower - Centaurea cyanus
  • Cosmos sulphureus - Cosmos sulphureus
  • Cosmos Bipinnatus Sensation - Cosmos bipinnatus 
  • Sunbow Zinnia - Zinnia Elegans
  • Tithonia Torch - Tithonia Speciosa


Application Rate:2 g/m2
Height:1 - 1.5 metre
Germination:8 - 10 days
Flowering:June - November
Soil types:Wide range of pH and soil types

Product Gallery

1/5 - A roadside display of CS1 Festival in Hunstanton, Norfolk.
2/5 - CS1 Festival - Full Flower
3/5 - Stunning display of CS1 Festival at the back of a green.
4/5 - CS1 Festival on a golf course.
5/5 - CS1 Festival at Cobtree Manor, planted in May. Photo taken mid August.

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CodePack Size
10751400 g
190414 kg

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