E2 PRO elicitor

E2 PRO elicitor contains an elicitor that stimulates gene expression in plants, delivering improved abiotic stress tolerance and better plant growth. Elicitors are known to activate a variety of biosynthetic pathways within the plant.

E2 PRO elicitor contains Harpin, which specifically stimulates plant growth (above and below ground), nutrient absorption and tolerance to abiotic stress, including drought, temperature stress and pesticide detoxification. Harpins are acidic, heat-stable, glycine-rich proteins produced by Gram-negative bacteria, which trigger defence responses in diverse plant species. Harpin proteins were first described in Erwinia amylovora, though they have since been recognised in other bacterial plant pathogens. When applied as a foliar spray, the Harpin proteins bind to plant receptors, initiating jasmonic acid and ethylene dependent signalling pathways; known as a Hypersensitive Response (HR).

Harpins induce the expression of genes involved in cell wall development, cellular communication, signalling and defence responses. The specific benefits delivered by Harpin include increased photosynthesis, nutrient uptake, root development, plant growth and tolerance to abiotic stress, including herbicide and fungicide phytotoxicity.

Harpin proteins can be applied as either a seed treatment, or as a foliar spray. When used as a foliar spray, application every 3-4 weeks during growth is recommended. As Harpin activates genes within the plant, there is no requirement for full coverage at the time of application. Once the genes are activated, the plant response is initiated within 24 hours.

Key points

  • Increased photosynthesis
  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Increased root development
  • Improved tolerance to abiotic stress
  • Increased growth


Mixing instructions

Mix well and maintain agitation in the spray tank. Do not use in water or tank mixes with pH below 5 or above 10 or with strong oxidising agents.

Use within 8 hours of mixing.


Contains:1% Harpin
Application Rate:1l/ha
Pack Coverage:1ha
Water Rate:200l/ha (minimum)
Product Type:Biostimulant

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1850121 litre

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