E2 PRO phosrite

E2 PRO phosrite is a rapidly absorbed foliar feed that provides high levels of phosphite, a nutrient known to stimulate healthy growth and support the plant’s natural defences.

E2 PRO phosrite behaves in a completely different manner to conventional phosphate containing fertilisers.

It is rapidly absorbed into the plant leaves where it is translocatedas phosphite within the plant cells. This stimulates strong, healthy growth and plants with a better root structure that are more able to with stand stress.The phosphite in E2 PRO rhosrite is rapidly distributed throughout the plant using both upward and downward transport systems (xylem and phloem) ensuring that all parts of the plant are quickly affected.

The use of E2 PRO phosrite can bring dramatic improvements to turf. Results from trials have shown improved turf quality and enhanced rooting.The benefits come from the plant’s improvedability to withstand stress conditions, allowing stronger, healthier grass to develop.



Application Rate:5 - 10 l/ha
Water Rate:200 - 400 l/ha
Specific Gravity:1.34

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