Glyfos Dakar Pro

Dakar Pro is a dust free, extruded, water soluble glyphosate for effective total weed control.

The granules dissolve easily and are completely water soluble. Each 10kg pack will treat up to 40,000 square metres (4 hectares).The design of the resealable packs ensures that they can be emptied completely with no rinsing.

The new accelerator surfactant technology combined with the high loaded glyphosate gives a more efficient and rapid uptake as well as fast transport throughout the plant and down to the roots.

Waste packaging

Dakar Pro gives a massive 97% reduction in waste packaging compared to standard glyphosate products, In addition, as the product does not require triple rinsing, ther are significant time savings compared to liquid formulations. Working on 2 minutes to triple rinse an ordinary glyphosate container - a pallet of empty containers would take over 5 hours to triple rinse in order to comply with waste regulations.

How to use

Glyfos Dakar Pro is easily measured out with a calibrated jug. The cold water soluble grains dissolve readily and there is no mess with dripping cans or spillage.

Areas of use

Use on such areas as hard surfaces, paved areas, highways and industrial sites. Can be used around trees and shrubs in landscaped areas and forestry situations. Dakar Pro is also recommended for aquatic areas. Dakar Pro can be used with CDA sprayers capable of producing a VMD of 200 microns.

Key points

  • Highest load glyphosate for enhanced performance
  • Clean label - no hazard symbols
  • 97% reduction in packaging
  • No triple rinsing of containers required


Contains:680g/kg glyphosate
Application Rate:2.5 - 5 kg/ha

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
874110 kg

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