Marathon Sport Spring

Marathon Sport Spring is a slow release organo-mineral fertiliser for use on golf fairways, tees, surrounds, sportsfields and ornamental lawns maintained at a height of 10mm or above.

The analysis with a high nitrogen content will keep turf well supplied with nutrients for 8 to 12 weeks during the spring and summer.

Marathon Sport Spring has a patented organic complex base that provides the extended release charateristics needed for steady growth without dramatically increasing clipping yields. The analysis has been further amended with organic ingredients to supply the correct balance of nutrients required by turf.

Key points:

  • Organic base
  • Proven to give outstanding results
  • Flexible application rates to suit all soil types
  • Buffer ensures nitrogen content will not volatilise or leach
  • Very low scorch index


Analysis:16.4.8 +2MgO + 0.5Fe
Application Rate:20 - 35g/m2
Pack Coverage:714 - 1,250m2
Bags/Ha:8 - 14
Product Longevity:8 - 12 weeks
Granule Size:2 - 5mm

Product Usage Calendar

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Product Gallery

1/3 - Soil profile after 3 months of using Marathon Sport Spring.
2/3 - The results of a Marathon programme at Magdalen College, Oxford.
3/3 - Active roots with abundant root hairs, 2 weeks after Marathon applied.

Pack Information

CodePack Size
736125 kg

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