Pellenc ULiB 1200 & 1500 battery

The Pellenc ULiB 1500 battery was designed to meet the demands of professionals in terms of performance, comfort and operating life.

In partnership with gardening professionals, Pellenc has designed the 1500 battery to ensure performance, user comfort and battery life which revolutionises the gardening business.

Highest stored energy capacity on the market
Suitable for use with all Pellenc portable power tools range
Instant starting in all weathers
Suitable for use in all weathers with IP54 level sealing
50% extra battery life compared to the ULiB 1100
– Up to 5 hours working time in actual use with the Raison mower
– Up to 6 hours working time in actual use with the Airion blower

Very high-capacity lithium-ion cells tested in severe working conditions
Over 1,300 charge cycles*, service life longer than 5 years (one cycle corresponds to one full charge and one full discharge)
80 % of the battery is recyclable

* * for Pellenc, the number of cycles corresponds to the point when the battery has lost 20% capacity. It can still be used nonetheless.

Compact, giving freedom of movement and optimal work quality
Comfortable harness in breathable fabric mesh
Easy to carry, with its ergonomically-designed handle
Tool connection at top or bottom
Easy clip handling system, fastens and releases with one hand
Back-lit battery life display
Visible at night or in poor weather conditions with four reflectors and flashing display

Throughout its life, the 1500 battery delivers work equivalent to using 7,000l of petrol and 135l of oil mix.