Rapid Root

A soil conditioner and root enhancer product, Rapid Root contains natural humic substances and amino acids to reduce environmental stresses and to relieve the effects of wear under playing conditions.

The product acts directly to stimulate soil microbial activity around roots and promotes improvement in water and nutrient uptake .Added NPK and micronutrients ensure the grass is supported for growth and recovery.

Key benefits

  • Promotes root growth
  • Anti-stress effect in adverse climatic conditions
  • Improves water retention
  • Improves fertiliser use
  • Increased cation exchange capacity
  • Increased nutrient availability and root uptake
  • Biological improvement,(microbial life)
  • Promotion of cell division


Analysis:3-16-18 +29% Total Humic Extract
Formulation:Soluble Granule
Application Rate:10-15 Kg/ha
Water Rate:200-400 L/ha
Contains:29% (w/w) Total Humic Extract
:14% (w/w) Humic Acid
:15% (w/w) Fulvic Acid
:22% (w/w) Free Amino Acid

Pack Information

CodePack Size
14286515 Kg (3x5kg)