Rootmass Plus

Rootmass Plus has been developed to maximise the synergies between Seavolution and natural soil structure enhancers.

The product contains high quality, plant available humic and fulvic acids, a highly soluble chelated iron, together with the Seavolution, the market leading unique cold processed seaweed extract.

The components of Rootmass Plus are particularly effective for improving both mass and root structure development of the root system, acting directly on parts of the plant below ground and indirectly through the enhancement of soil microbial activity.

The product should be applied during autumn and spring and is designed to increase root length, structure and biomass, whilst also acting as a soil conditioner.

Rootmass Plus is an ideal partner for Greenmaster Step Liquid, Magflo 300, P-Kursor and Green Lawnger Pro HC, when applied in support of plant nutrients, as the grass is naturally stimulated to lay down additional roots and store growth supplements in the autumn and spring months.

Key points:

  • Combines natural soil enhancers with the highest possible concentration of the purest seaweed extract available
  • Increases both length and thickness of roots, dramatically improving the plants ability to sustain healthy growth in adverse conditions
  • Quality soil conditioner
  • Consistent, proven results from independent trials
  • Fits in with most fertiliser and soil management programs


Application Rate:Tees & Greens: 20 - 30 L/ha monthly, Fairways: 5 - 8 L/ha monthly
Water Rate:400 - 600 L/ha

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

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1605010 litre