Thanks for raking stamp

Leave an impression that will be the talk of the clubhouse with the 'Thanks for Raking' Bunkerstamp.

It takes just a few seconds to create an impression, which under normal weather conditions will remain intact, with very little deterioration during the course of the day. 

The Bunkerstamp is manufactured with a polymer rubber substance, under normal use and storage the rubber mould should last for many years and it is guaranteed from manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months.

How does Bunkerstamp work?

  • Place the specially created rubber mould in a sand bunker
  • Step on the mould to apply the pressure need to create the impression
  • Lift the mould and you have a perfect image left for your golfers to view
  • Simple as that - and Bunkerstamp can be used year after year


Height :33cm

Product Gallery

1/5 - Step 1: Rake the bunker.
2/5 - Step 2: Place the Bunkerstamp.
3/5 - Step 3: Carefully stand on the stamp, slowly move up & down.
4/5 - Step 4: Gently remove the Bunkerstamp to reveal the impression.
5/5 - Step 5: Rake around the impression.

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