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This page contains commonly asked questions about Agrovista Amenity, our products and our services.

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We deal with customers of all sizes. If you wish to buy small quantities, without setting up an account with us, there is a 'Buy Now' button on the product information page, this takes you to our Sherriff Grass Care e-commerce store, where you can buy online. Alternatively please contact us to set up a credit account.
Download our credit account form and email it to .... 
We deliver nationwide to both account and non-account customers. We can also arrange for deliveries to be made abroad by special arrangement. Please contact us on 0115 939 0202 for more information.
We send out orders on a same day or next day basis (subject to stock availability).
Yes, you can collect your order from our local depot. Our normal opening ours are 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Please contact the depot before collection to ensure we have the product you require in stock.

Account customers can collect, however if you don't have an account we accept cash and most major credit cards. Unfortunately we no longer accept cheques.
Our standard terms state that payment is due on the 20th of the month following delivery. For further information please contact our accounts department on 0115 939 0202.
Agrovista UK, Cambridge House, Nottingham Road, Stapleford, Notts, NG9 8AB
Agrovista Amenity is a wholly owned subsidiary of Agrovista UK Ltd.

Yes you are. Tank mixing when referring to a distributor or contractor backed tank mix recommendation is perfectly legal provided all the label requirements are followed for the tank-mix constituents and partner products.

If a manufacturer or approval holder wishes to claim enhanced activity or biological compatibility from a specific tank-mix, this must be demonstrated to CRD to be allowed to be part of the label claims. This is not required when referring to a distributor or contractor backed tank-mix that does not feature on the product label.

Not necessarily, the components of a tank-mix, when used correctly as instructed on the recommendation usually work out to be a similar cost, but it does depend on dose and other
Research on other pathogens and other crops where resistance has occurred indicates that it is the frequency of applications of products with a particular mode of action that have contributed to resistance build-up, rather than dose being the contributing factor.
Our mixes, provided the recommendations are followed, have the full backing and support of either Agrovista Amenity, or the manufacturers concerned.
Agrovista Amenity and its parent company, Agrovista UK, have carried out trials, as well as CRD submitted work, and used industry leading research organisations such as STRI and product manufacturers for compatibility work in the quest to find new and innovative solutions for common problems experienced by our customers..
Yes, you should follow the specific mixing instructions for each product that are printed on the label
Yes they do, but they do tend to back mixes that they will have a commercial interest in, although this is not always the case. Agrovista Amenity is able to take the best chemistry from each manufacturer and combine the best of these elements, and with our unique technical knowledge, give you the best solutions for your problems.
As with any fungicide application, the duration of control is governed by a number of factors, including application accuracy, disease pressure, weather conditions before or after application, cutting regime, pathogen to be treated etc..Remember that in very high pressure situations, if the diseaseis already established in the turf at application, it may be that the disease gets visibly worse after treatment, as it will be too far through its life cycle. The pathogen will then express itself before the chemical treatment can get a level of control.
Agrovista Amenity supply a comprehensive range of products, not all are listed on this website. Please contact us if you are looking for a product not listed here, we will make every effort to source the product, or suggest an alternative.