Cutting-edge solutions showcased at London Golf Club

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Agrovista Amenity Breakfast Meeting at London Golf Club Showcases Cutting-Edge Solutions

Over 20 Course Managers and Head Greenkeepers recently assembled at the prestigious London Golf Club in Sevenoaks, Kent, for a morning of education and insight at the recent Agrovista Amenity breakfast meeting.

Organised by Agrovista Amenity’s Andrew Norman and featuring presentations by Joseph Dormer and Karl Parry, the event provided a platform to delve into groundbreaking products reshaping turf management practices.

The spotlight shone on Maxtima, a revolutionary turf fungicide gaining widespread attention for its game-changing attributes.

Its innovative active ingredient, Mefentrifluconazole, swiftly infiltrates turf to combat pathogens, boasting remarkable efficacy even at low temperatures as it delivers prolonged protection for up to 28 days. With its broad-spectrum disease control and favourable environmental profile, Maxtima emerges as a compelling solution for turf health maintenance.

Attendees also gained insights into Attraxor, a growth regulator acclaimed for its ability to manage turf growth effectively. By inhibiting the Gibberellic acid pathway, Attraxor curtails turf height and biomass while promoting root growth and preserving turf quality.

Additionally, Alan Pierce, Account Manager for Aquatrols, explained advancements in soil surfactants and wetting agents, informing attendees on optimising water and soil dynamics—a crucial aspect of turf management.

A presentation on the Agrovista Amenity Academy resonated with attendees as a valuable online resource for continuous learning and professional development. Offering insights into product innovations and best practices, the Academy ensures industry professionals stay abreast of evolving trends and techniques.

Reflecting on the event, Paul Larsen continued: “It has been great meeting lots of different people from all the different courses, especially the ones in the southeast because we have been able to moan about the weather!

“It is very important that companies like Agrovista Amenity put events on like this. Sometimes we need an excuse for us all to come together, and we always share ideas with one another which can be beneficial to the industry.”

Host for the day, Ben Abbott, Head Greenkeeper at The London Golf Club was also upbeat about the event. “It has been great to be able to get the whole team involved and one of the biggest things we will take away is the key information about the new product Maxtima, which will give us another tool against some of the main diseases.

“The insight into the Agrovista Amenity Academy was also very beneficial. We are a big team, and we are always looking at bringing in trainees, many of whom work their way through the online Agrovista Amenity Academy. It gives them knowledge and insight, plus it gives them CPD points. I wish it was around when I was learning the trade to be honest! With the Academy, everything is at your fingertips - it is very easy to use.”

Andrew Norman expressed gratitude to the London Golf Club for hosting the event and confirmed there will be future breakfast meetings, underlining Agrovista Amenity's commitment to fostering collaborative platforms for industry advancement.

Agrovista Amenity Breakfast Meeting at London Golf Club Showcases Cutting-Edge Solutions